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Where Are We Now?

Karen Bali Author

Karen Bali


Kirsty Gray

Karen Bali established People Search Tracing Services in 1997 after a long interest in genealogy research. The business has since developed to include more aspects of family and legal research with a special interest in adoption and probate.

In 2017, Karen decided to change her career path and transferred the business to Kirsty Gray, the Managing Director of Family Wise Limited.

Family Wise Limited is an established international business in the same field with a talented, dedicated team of researchers ready to assist clients in finding people.

Providing services to solicitors, trustees and private clients, Family Wise Limited has an enviable record in recovering unclaimed assets for individuals, tracing the untraceable and not leaving any stone unturned. ‘Heir Hunting’ (intestacy) cases are managed in a sensitive, professional manner with a commitment to providing quality family history research and excellent service to beneficiaries.

Why Family Wise? - Clients Testimonials

For many years I've been trying to locate certain information and wasn't getting anywhere and you were able to obtain such in less than 24 hours for me with the little information that I had to give to you.


Michele Selvey

Kirsty and her team are passionate about what they do and are determined and very thorough. If you need to find someone - they can do it!


Angela Stevenson

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